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On July 16, 2018 MAYOR CALDWELL issued a DIRECTIVE to his support agencies, including planning, permitting, fire and others, to prepare the island of Oahu for 3' of sea level rise over the next 30 years: "Work cooperatively to develop and implement land use policies, hazard mitigation actions, and design and construction standards that mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change and sea level rise."

A 400' condo in the Ala Wai Harbor flood inundation zone will never get by planning, building and fire permitting.

        We will continue to push for OUR PLAN and federal indictments.


Sailors, Surfers, Condominium and hotel owners adjacent to the Hawaii State Ala Wai Harbor located in the heart of Waikiki oppose development of a high rise building on this site and we want our haul out, package store, ice and fuel dock facilities restored.  Existing state plans DO NOT GUARANTEE any of our needs.

3' GW zone Hnl copy

Over the years the Department of Land and Natural Resources has refused to listen to the wishes of the harbor users; instead the currupt Land Board and their administrators have bowed to political bribes (campaign contributions) to determine the use of our public lands.  

There is no way to economically or safely demolish 400' glass and steel buidlings in Kakaako, Ala Wai Harbor or Waikiki that will be underwater in 30 years.

Promises by State are false and decptive.  State's PR team is putting us on, a sell job.  No developer is going to increase public parking or build a full service haul out.  EPA restrictions will not allow fuel at the fuel dock without a complete environmental clean up.  This will cost millions.  State has scheduled an RFP for July 2018, the fix is already in.  All a develper will do is buy into a law suit.

The entire Ala Wai Harbor property abuts a "navigable" waterway developed by the Army Corps of Engineers (Ala Wai Canal).  Federal court has jurisdiction.  

There is federal case law that requires government to provide  "like kind" redevelopment of public lands historically used for "limited or defined purposes".  

State law waiving full environmentals can be struck in the federal court.  

Federal Court Standing will require plaintiffs from condo, harbor, surf and native Hawaiian entities.  A class action might be an option.

DIRT: If you have verifiable DIRT on any state employee, especially a DLNR employee or Board member or politician, and wish to share this verifiable info, please contact us.  We are engaged in a war with a formidable opponent that has many resources.  We must use all of our resources to manage battles and eventually achieve our goals.  We keep informants confidential and will not pay for info.one good spy is worth a regiment of troops..Tzu


Global Warming - Wakiki Sea Level rise 3.2 feet or more in 40 years flooding hotels and Ala Wai Harbor

Boaters:  State must bring former haul out and fuel dock into EPA compliance

         Incentives to Lessees: reduce lease rent and tax credits

        * Restore Haul FULL SERVICE Haul Out, boat yard and support services

        * Restore Package Store, Laundry and Fuel Dock

        * Limit all development to harbor support facilities only

Surfers: More buses, more cars in the harbor area = more illegal parking in "recreational" stalls
        * Keep existing parking or expand parking for sufers and public

Adjacent Condo and Hotel Neighbors: 

         * No High Rise High development that would block view plane and devalue their property

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