Ala Wai Redevelopment Proposal

KUMULIPO’S Ala Wai Harbor Redevelopment Plan Summary

Kumulipo Studios is a 501 (c)  (3) non profit.  

On September 30, 2019, Kumulipo filed a Proposal for Ala Wai Development in response to an RFP by state of Hawaii.  There is a link to the full copy and exhibits below.

Restoration of a full service Haul Out at Ala Wai Harbor “ALAWAI” is vital to all boaters at ALAWAI and necessary for the long term survival of boating at ALAWAI.  In addition, the Fuel Dock, fuel, ice and laundry services must be restored to the community as a whole.  

ALAWAI is a vital part of the Waikiki community and necessary in a future where the harbor is not just a play ground for foreigners and their mega yachts, but a vital part of survival in a hotter, more violent world where boats will play an increasingly important part in procuring food and survival.  

The preservation of boating and other ocean activities at ALAWAI, Waikiki and the overall survival of the the state’s tourist industry will depend on the state and City and County of Honolulu’s immediate action to mitigate the sea level rise, more frequent hurricanes and storm surge that will eventually impact ALAWAI and Waikiki, perhaps destroying these assets as we know them forever.

The recent haul out lease for foreign, sailboat Maserati trimaran repairs, and the salvage and demolition of the state’s white elephant Navatec 2 cost the ALAWAI boating community over $100,000.  These haul out leases have demonstrated the need for the restoration of a Haul Out facility at the old site where repairs and other work can be accomplished.   Haul Out work can be performed without negative impact to the harbor, on the visitor industry or Waikiki commercial industry.

haul out plot plan copy

The utility value to the harbor Community and the Hawaii Yacht Club of restoring the Fuel Dock and Haul Out services cannot be calculated in simple dollars and cents.  State must provide incentives to restore what might otherwise be money losing operations, yet vital operations supported by a vast majority of  harbor users.  See video at


The Fuel Dock Site was once a meeting and gathering place for local boaters, surfers, canoe paddlers and other harbor users.  Restoring the Fuel Dock Site will restore fueling facilities for the harbor, providing ice, laundry, restaurant, swap meets and other operations much needed that are essential for boat owners in the harbor.  A Community Youth Center will include a place for kids to gather, use computers to study, eat healthy foods and meet their parents after surfing, sailing or other youth activities hosted by Kumulipo at the harbor. 


Kumulipo will sub lease the Haul Out site to a developer under the condition that developer restores the site as a haul out facility, a marine store and Hawaiian canoe club.  

Without a Haul Out ALAWAI’s boats will continue to suffer from deferred maintenance which has caused many boats, since the closing of the Haul Out Site in 2008 to become derelict, abandoned and sink.  Hawaii Yacht Club membership has suffered since 2009, on the verge of bankruptcy because boating ownership and interest at the harbor declined dramatically when the Fuel Dock and Haul Out were closed.  

A canoe paddling reserve area will also be located on Site.  A vast majority of local people, ALAWAI boat owners, surfers, canoe paddlers and neighboring property owners support Kumulipo’s Haul Out re-development plan.  


Ala Wai Gross income 2011 to 2017: $31,409,004.29

Ala Wai Net income 2011 to 2017: $19,279,598.36

ala wai comm bd plan


Kumulipo supports a COMMUNITY BASED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BOARD OF DIRECTORS “Community” dedicated to restoring, preserving and expanding harbor services.  The Community Association will hire a professional property management company to assist the ALAWAI’s elected Board of Directors and manage the Ala Wai Harbor asset.  All income and expenses from boat owners and Hawaii Yacht Club shall be paid to and spent by the Association. An Initial capital reserve account shall be funded by State releasing $19 million over 7 years back to the Association. Only persons in good standing and Yacht club members can vote for the board. All future incomes and expenses must be kept in the Harbor capital reserve and operating accounts.  

All public access and parking for beach use and boating activities will remain in place.

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