Government corruption is like a virus, once established it is very difficult to eliminate.  It thrives on greed, feeding mainly on energy, real estate and financing.  Top down family, military and personal friendships dominate all sectors of its self interest, a controlled domain where the gate keepers benefit from every aspect of their “responsibility” owing nothing to the public.  Everything goes to family, friends and special interest who contribute to the festering virus growing with each administration.  In dictatorships it is much worst.  The American revolution rallied against a very top heavy monarchy that if it could, would have raped north America like it did the Indian sub continent.

In Hawaii, the gatekeepers at PUC, HCDA, DLNR are managed by individuals who in some way have benefitted from their positions through kickbacks and other tit for tat.  Campaign contributions finance, contracts, leases, permits and favors in return.  Hawaii’s governors have benefitted from foreign interests (US mainland and Asian) who pay to get what they want.

DLNR’s management of our public lands and resources reflects the goals of those foreign interests, leaving an empty shell for local residents who are fed lies, unchallenged by news organizations that have become simply trumpeteers for politicians.  Our public lands and waters traded by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats for cars, fancy homes, education for their kids, junkets and bling.  

Corruption relies on conspiracy.  For it to be exorcised, it must first be exposed. Sometimes there is someone in the clique that is not getting their share or simply has moral fiber and courage, a witness who steps forward.  Sometimes, the conspiracy becomes overconfident and leaves enough track that a blind person can follow.

It appears that Hawaii politicians, State (BLNR, PUC, HCDA) and TNC Board members, campaign contributors, family, friends and special guests, escorted by DOBOR employees have been given private access (parties and hunting trips) on state lands under control of the Hawaii Nature Conservancy, formerly managed by now DLNR Director Suzanne Case and BLNR member Sam Gon, coordinating the junkets in her new job with the state.  

Wealth and power has its privilege.  Ala Wai Harbor boat owners pay 100% of the DOBOR budget.

BLNR member Keone Downing's daughter Kirra is employed by DTL, the non bid contractor selling the DLNR "development plan" at Ala Wai Harbor.

State Senator Donavan Dela Cruz is "employed" by DTL.

DLNR Administrator Ed Underwood: paid $97,000 (non bid contract) Anu Hittle, a consultant to promote and recommend to the Land Board a privatization plan for Ala Wai Harbor.  No resume on file with DLNR, we discovered background is in global warming.  Hittle is not qualified to author anything in habor management or business planning.  The plan Hittle authored, (Wikipedia references) made no mention of the effects of global warming (her field of work) on development by IGE's friends and contributors at the harbor.  A new comer to Hawaii, Hittle interviewed no one at the harbor for what she called her "report" that compared Ala Wai with harbors on the mainland, many closed during winter or that do not share access with and provide parking, showers and security for the public.  We have prepared a rebuttal for the Land Board, Director Case has not yet agreed to put our rebuttal on the agenda.  

DIRT: If you have verifiable DIRT on any state employee, especially a DLNR employee or Board member or politician, and wish to share this verifiable info, please contact us.  We are engaged in a war with a formidable opponent that has many resources.  We must use all of our resources to manage battles and eventually achieve our goals.  We will keep informants confidential and not pay for good spy is worth a regiment of troops..Tzu

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