Global Warming and Ala Wai

Global Warming is a fact, it is no longer in the future, it is upon us now.  Caused by human greed and mindless consumption, the planet has rebelled against our onslaught on its resources.

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Hawaii will experience sea level rise of more than 3.2 feet in the next 40 years, inundating our coastal roadways, hotels, condominiums, homes, businesses and other human related activities.  That rise will kill our surf and reefs, along with our marine stocks.

Sea Level Rise will push fresh water out of our aquifer, extreme heat and drought along with more frequent and extreme hurricanes will destroy our homes and bankrupt our economy.  Elevator pits will flood making many other building unihabitable.  Insect populations will increase in our overheated islands.  We will not be alone, the rest of the world will suffer a similar fate.

ANY NEW HIGH RISE DEVELOPMENT IN ALA WAI HARBOR WILL BE UNDERWATER IN 20 YEARS.  Insurance and sea level mitigation development costs will bankrupt the development.

City building and planning departments must not allow construction on this site.

Hawaii Supreme Court rules that any individual is entitled to sue PUC, BLNR or any agency for a clean environment, Dec. 2017…see ruling below

DIRT: If you have verifiable DIRT on any state employee, especially a DLNR employee or Board member or politician, and wish to share this verifiable info, please contact us.  We are engaged in a war with a formidable opponent that has many resources.  We must use all of our resources to manage battles and eventually achieve our goals.  We will keep informants confidential and not pay for good spy is worth a regiment of troops..Tzu

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