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1886 King Kalaukaua initiated the TransPacific Yacht Race and orgnized the Hawaii Yacht Club.

1922 Army Corps of Engineers dredged the swamp lands "mauka" of Kalia - Waikiki beach creating the Ala Wai Canal that runs adjacent to the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.

1926 Hobron Trust exchanges harbor land with Territory of Hawaii.

1957 Governor King transfers "hobron lands" to Harbors Board for public, non commercial use only.

Incompetent DLNR

2010 DLNR land managers who have no commercial real estate background or licenses terminate grandfathered leases at unreported superfund sites - the fuel dock and haul out.  HoneyBee is granted a lease and for the next 6 years the state or habor receives no income from the sites and spends money on legal fees.

2011 Sam Monet files a federal law suit alleging EPA violations.  At a motions hearing, the magistrate advises state to clean up before she orders it.  Construction at the sites stops.  HoneyBee files bankruptcy to terminate the lease without penalty.

2016 the Legislature amended the deed of trust requirements and allowed commercial boat slips in Ala Wai.  The wake from more boats going in and out of the harbor, along with the additional tourist bus and car parking has put pressure on local surfers and boaters.

2017 Bankrupt HoneyBee is out.  State takes land back.

Ed Underwood has been the front man for DLNR mismanaging our assets, leasing our fuel dock and haul out to Japanese developers who went bankrupt.  We have had no income from the properties for about 10 years.

DLNR hires PR firm DTL to push their new development plans.  No one believes Ed Underwood anymore.  DTL  paid $950,000 (non bid contract) to push development plans throught the "process".  DTL is being paid to sell us this plan with our money.  See corruption link.

January 2018: BLNR member Keone Downing's daughter Kirra employed by DTL.  State Senator Donovan Dela Cruz is employed by DTL.  See corruption link.

July 2018, RFP scheduled for submissions.

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